zondag 21 februari 2010

You are a Web Elk

Gisteren op bbc een zeer interessante aflevering gezien van The virtual revolution. Doe de test op www.bbc.co.uk/virtualrevolution. Ik ben een web-eland! Ziehier de uitleg:
Slow-moving - Web Elks like you take their time finding exactly the right morsels of information – just like the real-world elk who carefully browses for shoots and leaves to eat.
Sociable - Real-world elks are social and stay in herds to protect themselves from predators. When you browse the web you are also a social creature, often using social networks, or other sites whose content is created by its users, as sources of information.
Specialised - Web Elks perform best when they focus on one thing at a time, rather than trying to multitask. Just as the real-world Elk is perfectly specialised for its environment, you have learned that while the web makes it possible to multitask, it’s not always the best approach.

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