woensdag 21 september 2011


Geplukt van Dallas Clayton:

Consider the success of instructional videos. Consider the success of self help. Think about what it is you’d like to be doing this time next year and set aside thirty minutes each day to practice that thing. No magical formulas, no great and powerful scheme. Thirty minutes. Every day. And then what?
Will you be doing that same thing this time next year, earning a fortune, poolside on an exotic island no one knows about? Perhaps, but more likely you’ll be in the same exact place you are now only you’ll be a bit better at that thing we just discussed. And what if you’d spent an hour? Would you be twice as good? Twice as fast?
What if you’d spent four hours? Those four hours you’ve been known to spend with the TV, with the computer? Could you? What would happen?
What if you spent all day? One whole day from morning to night. Then one day after that. And so. And so. There’s no way you could spend all day practicing something without wanting to go out and meet other people who did what you do. Talk to them. Share ideas. Let them in on what you’ve been up to. It’s bound to happen, right? You might even need to move to a city where more and more people do that same thing you do, just to try and learn from them. Just to get closer to the source.
And maybe in that city they’ve got jobs, jobs that pay money to people just like you, jobs doing that thing you’ve gotten so good at. And what if eventually, you got one? What if now instead of going to work you got so good at practicing that thing that you figured out a way to make it your job and then every single day you woke up and someone, somewhere paid you - just to keep practicing.
Or what if you didn’t, and instead you pictured what you wanted to be doing one year from now, and you took the thirty minutes you could have been spending learning that thing and instead you spent it watching other people practice from afar. You spent it thinking about how good or bad those people were, talking about it with your friends, having a good laugh, and thinking about how you would do it differently if you had the chance… but you don’t.
Consider the success of instructional videos. Consider the success of self help. It’s all up to you really. The rest of the world isn’t exactly sitting around waiting. There’s plenty out there for all of us to gobble up. We’re busy. The rest of the world doesn’t much care how you spend your next thirty minutes. Do you?

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